George Carlin Genius

I was listening to an old George Carlin routine (and see below) and was amazed by his insight. In his expressed disdain for self-righteous people who aim to “save the earth” he exposed the truth. The earth will be fine, over time it will regenerate and clean itself out. We however will be some of the things that it cleans out. In essence, we are the virus that earth needs to rid itself of if it wants to be healthy and functioning.

To me this insight highlights the need for us to work with not against or use nature to accomplish our goals and desires. Biomimicry as described by Jane Benyus and how it was used at Interface describes how we can Do Better by Doing Good for the environment so everyone and everything benefits!
It is an interesting insight. What do you think?

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

2 Responses

  1. […] W Edwards Deming demonstrated this concept in systems appreciation where he could show that one bad department could damage the whole system. Using Mother Nature’s rather than mechanistic ways works so well, Thomas Friedman suggests a new political party should Mimic Mother Nature to Create a New Political Party.  Remember, the earth will be fine, probably better without homo-sapiens.  Interestingly, as I posted previously, George Carlin understood this, see George Carlin Genius: […]


  2. […] The idea that everything we look at is a measure in comparison to what we know is one reason for instituting the concept of Continuous and never ending improvement. We should improve because when we look at what has been done, we realize it can be better next time. The most important caution however is to think of the system implications. We must determine how changes may impact everyone and everything. Short term solutions such as burning fossil fuels which is just ancient sunlight, may destroy everything we care about. We must find better ways (see here, here, here,here, here, here). […]


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