Cowspiracy! Powerful Movie Valuable Perspective

I just saw the move Cowspiracy!: The Sustainability Secret. The trailer below. It was well worth the $9.95 price. Here is a link to some of the powerful facts revealed. I strongly encourage you to see it for yourself.

Be Well’r,

Craig Becker

I look forward to hearing about how you use selfish, selfless, synergy to generate All Good by creating interactions so everyone and everything benefits!


3 Responses

  1. […] and Frame How People View Events, Enlightening Evolutionary Perspective on Health, and others here and here.  I also recommend Gladwell’s Fascinating Revisionist History Podcasts which is great […]


  2. […] related to animal agriculture and its environmental impact for you to review. As noted in these previous posts – I encourage you to see the […]


  3. […] became a vegetarian, close to vegan for environmental reasons. Cowspiracy (click to access previous post) does a great job of clarifying the benefits to the environment and to us by choosing plant based […]


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