Perspective Helps Clarify Relative Importance

I find it important to make sure I have perspective. For me it is important or I miss the issue.  By perspective I mean a point of view or a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something. By definition perspective is a true understanding of the relative importance of things or a sense of proportion.

I often write about perspective, such as Perspective May Create and Frame How People View EventsEnlightening Evolutionary Perspective on Health, and others here and here.  I also recommend Gladwell’s Fascinating Revisionist History Podcasts which is great at providing perspective.  I read and often use the daily comics to gain perspective, such as:

 With regard to the Confederate Statue Debate, a foreigner John Oliver provides perspective in his show, Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  For me this clarified the issue, please share your thoughts…

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

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  1. […] Perspective Helps Clarify Relative Importance […]


  2. […] is shown in the Mutts comic below. I  also discuss the influence of perspective in these posts: Perspective Helps Clarify Relative Importance, Perspective May Create and Frame How People View Events, Enlightening Evolutionary Perspective […]


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