Highlights from the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Hearing

Dr. Greger posted powerful comments from the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Hearing. I encourage you to watch these highlights and share your thoughts. More importantly I hope you create a better life for yourself by eating more plants…

Of course informing about problems is not enough, it must be demonstrated how good food choices create a better life for everyone and everything. I look forward to hearing about the how you  practice paneugenesis  by creating pervasive, reciprocal, selfish, selfless, synergistic interactions with your food choices so everyone and everything benefits. Make it a Great Day, Week, Year and Life!

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!

Email me if you want to discuss: 
Email: BeWellr@gmail.com

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