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Fantastic Energy Summit – Knowledge, Collaboration, Action

I am not sure what happened, but for some reason I never posted this after the summit this past summer. For those interested in creating interactions so everyone and everything benefits, this is a great conference to learn how. To me, with my efforts to generate comprehensive improvements by creating interactions so everyone and everything […]

Connectivity Clarifies Perceived Contradictions

A powerful hidden message  demonstrates connections in this Nutrition Fact video that reveals connections and perceived contradictions. While it provides a possible reason white rice has been wrongly implicated for a rise in diabetes, to me it has a more important latent or hidden message. To me the most important fact we must understand is that everything […]

The GMO Question

As noted in previous posts here and here, my thoughts about genetically modified foods have changed. It seems all food we eat are genetically modified in some way as Pamela Ronald makes clear here in her TED Presentation: The Case for Engineering Our Food: This presentation, like many others seems to avoid the big question, what […]

Genetically Modified Foods

Prior to reading Stewart Brand’s, Whole Earth Discipline I was against any genetically engineered food. His book changed my mind, genetic engineering is bad when it is done for a corporate agenda. Open source genetic engineering as Stewart Brand explains has created foods with beneficial trait’s, not new foods that end up needing the use of […]

Whole Earth Discipline Caused New Thoughts

Whole Earth Discipline, a book written by biologist Stewart Brand, famous for the Whole Earth Catalog was mind blowing. In the book he presented scientifically documented facts about issues related to the climate and our well-being. Most specifically he caused me to rethink my stance about Genetically Modified or Engineered Foods (GMO’s – what he […]

Everyone & Everything Benefits

Jeff Speck’s TED talk about a Walkable City is a great talk and enlightens us about its multiple benefits. I encourage you to listen and think about how you can also create solutions from which everyone and everything benefits. As Stewart Brand elegantly explains in The Whole Earth Discipline, “…it is time to stop arguing about […]